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    To @gg18plussized

    Beautiful!! It's a gift for my mom. She's going to love it. 💝

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    To @pamelalewes

    Thank you.. I'm wearing them tomorrow.😊

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    To @pilapil30

    Thank you for the quick delivery. I absolutely love Converse jeans... actually all things Converse!⭐We've had a love ♥️ affair since middle school. I had these out of the package before the delivery guy got back in his truck..👖💕

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    To @anneross1964

    Thank you for such quick delivery. They are even better in person, I absolutely love♥️love💙love💜 them.their a perfect addition to my mania..

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    To @carly_reed

    Super cute..💟 It's perfect. Thank you!

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    To @jmuffley1212

    Thank you...😀

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    To @openbox

    Wonderful price and quick delivery! Thank you. 😀

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    To @emcgough08

    This is for my daughter-in-law,she loves it! Thank you for the quick shipping and awesome price.🌹

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    To @tiffers0111

    Thank you.. absolutely love this bag!! It's perfect.😀🌹🌹

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    To @bookgwen

    Thank you..

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    To @arugula65

    This is the cutest outfit , awesome price. Thank you for shipping quickly . 😀😀😀

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    To @elkintonm

    Thank you for the quick shipment. My little man is happy happy!! 👟

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    To @justkaline

    I'm in love with this!!! If I could give you more stars I would. It's clean and beautiful, ready for a weekend away just so I can use it. Thank you. 💗

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    To @ao65

    Exactly what I expected. Their awesome!!! Love the lace job. Thanks 😀

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    To @almondeyes828

    Thank you for the note inside my little guys package today. He loves his sneaks ...coolest baby on the block!!

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    To @rubisalgado

    Thank you for the quick shipment. Perfect fit... loving these jeans!!

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    To @slscsi

    Thank you!! Love the gift inside.