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Meet the Posher Other - 🦋Meet your Posh Ambassador, Ellen🦋

🦋Meet your Posh Ambassador, Ellen🦋

Meet the Posher
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Hi! I'm Ellen. I finally made Posh Ambassador on 2/2/19! I started in Sept of 2018, wanting to buy a pair of Tom's shoes for my daughter! 🥰 Favorites are J. Crew, Levi's, Vera Bradley, western & vintage. I’m a country girl in the city, but I miss the mountains & rural life in New Mexico! My garden is my “heart” place & you see it in lots of my photos! 🌺🥀🍃🦋🐝🐛 Checkedskipper is my shortened version for the “Checkered Skipper” butterfly on the Shasta Daisy in my garden (my photo)!