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Mersur Accessories - SOLD Mersur St. Tropez Scarf /Sarong Sun ☀️+ Sky

SOLD Mersur St. Tropez Scarf /Sarong Sun ☀️+ Sky   


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Mersur Beautiful St. Tropez Scarf in Sun +Sky ☀️ (sky blue, pale grey + sunshine yellow stripe) 58% Cotton 42% Modal Enjoy a luxury product made in France This beautiful oversized scarf has the luxuriousness of cotton + softness of modal fiber. Dimensions 38 in. x 68 in. That 3.2 Ft x 5.6 Ft! It’s BIG! A perfect punucation to your sexy summer look!! So spring into summer chic! Due to loose, light weight weave of scarf there may be slight imperfections. These are a natural part of scarf